S.N.A.P - Scaleable Node Address Protocol

  Simple - Generic - Flexible - Free

Why do I need to register a VID?

The main reason is to make sure you agree to the terms and our "Disclaimer of Liability" if you intend to use it in a commercial product. All this is to protect ourself in case someone decides to take legal action for whatever reason. Would be pretty sad to get sued over something you provided for free and in good faith to the community! Same disclaimer is also clearly stated in the documentation.

The second reason is that it gives us a hint how big interest there is for the protocol.

Request your own S.N.A.P Vendor ID#

This is totally freeFill in the the form and you will receive an e-mail with your VID and other details. By your request you agree to let us publish your name or company name together with your unique VID here. If you get an error verify that you entered a valid e-mail address and try again. Your e-mail address are not published nor shared with anyone else!

After receiving the VID you are free to use the S.N.A.P network protocol in any of your commercial applications - see terms and liability in the e-mail you receive. It normally takes a couple of weeks before you get it.

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