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S.N.A.P TCP/IP for PalmPilot

We doubt anyone still are using them but they were popular back in mid 90's. This webpage are keept for it's historical value :). If you are interested you can read the history about the PalmPilot over at Wikipedia

The PalmPilot is a small handheld PDA by 3COM. Using our free PLM-24 <-> TCP/IP Gateway this program lets your PalmPilot communicate with other nodes on a S.N.A.P network via Internet.

Picture to the left shows a PalmPilot Pro (approx. size is 120 x 78 x 16 mm).

By connecting the PalmPilot to a modem or a mobile telephone and dial up an ISP you are able to connect to your computer running the PLM-24 <-> TCP/IP Gateway and take control over your S.N.A.P network from any place in the world!

This could be a home automation network or any other control network that is using the S.N.A.P network
protocol. Use it to check the temperature in your house when on holiday, turn lamps ON/OFF, check alarm status etc. This opens up a lot of possibilities and what your exact use for it is, is probably only limited by your own imagination!

- Download S.N.A.P TCP/IP for PalmPilot [Version 0.52 ]

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